Facility Services

A successful event should have alcoholic beverages at the event for the adult guests to enjoy.  The question is “who is in charge of this process?” 

For some limited service event venues the burden of furnishing the alcohol is on the Client.  The Client (or a friend, family member, co-worker or a worker at a package store) is responsible for providing the alcohol and delivering it to your venue.  At that point its dumped in somebody’s office until a caterers shows up with staff that has no knowledge of what has happened thus far.  While this process saves the Client some money is does very little to improve the event performance and generate better events and more revenue for the facility.

Using Complete Beverage Systems not only makes your clients’ events more successful since our people train for this and do this every week, but also outsourcing beverage services reduces your venue liability under the current “Social Host Liability” laws.

Complete Beverage Systems gives your facility an advantage in booking special events by providing clients with a very competitive beverage menu and a professional beverage management staff.  Corporate Clients often refuse to furnish their own alcohol for corporate functions and instead they would rather go to a hotel or full service event venue.  More lost revenue for the facility!   

We care about your venue!  Guests and caterers often don’t have that same respect.

The beverage manager acts as an extension of the facility and ensures that the interests of the facility are considered in the planning and execution of the beverage portion of the event.  

Some of the benefits from Complete Beverage Systems include:

  • Provides comprehensive beverage management services to help clients with their special event plans. 
  • Helps ensure that clients have all the appropriate beverage products, glassware, mixers, bar set up materials and staff to produce quality special events in a class “A” manner.  We offer choices with products and price points helping each client one event at time.
  • Takes the responsibility away from facility operators for accepting alcohol deliveries and being responsible for clients’ products.
  • Makes certain that the appropriate amounts of insurance are carried and that staff is properly trained by qualified third party professionals.  The venue is listed as additional insured on our policy.
  • We host outside training for staffing. (e.g. T.I.V.R., Training Institute for Responsible Vendors).
  • Participates in internal functions and fundraisers for the facility and looks out for the facility by making sure the guests are safe, the venue is safe and the public is safe.
  • We can offer a cash bar or a ticketed bar option for corporate clients.
  • We can customize wine, spirits or other products at the request of the rental client.
  • We are here to help to support the mission of host venue.